Saturday, November 07, 2009

Our revised AEW&DFPS site

Welcome to our revised website – information as before, i.e walk dates and starting points, Googlemaps,weather forecast, etc. plus more society news and RSS feeds.

For a few weeks our website has existed only as a simple holding page showing just the monthly walks programme, for which we offer our apologies, but we hope you will think that this current  version has been worth the wait.

Please note that, as before, if you click on that mysterious thing the Grid Reference, indicating the starting point of a Sunday morning walk or of one of the suggested ‘Walks to Try’, you will open up a ‘Googlemap’ of the location which, depending on the scale you choose by zooming in or out, can show anything from its position in Cheshire to the lanes and roads in its immediate vicinity.

We are also hoping to keep you informed, via this ‘News/Blog’ page, not only of any Footpath Society matters, such as our very occasional committee meetings and social events, but also of any issues arising regarding the local footpaths and bridleways, and of progress on the  Alderley by-pass project.

John Harris

(And the designer of the website, to whom we are greatly indebted, viz.

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