Saturday, November 09, 2013

Jack Williamson’s poems

These poems are copyright jack Williamson. Jack was a member of the Soiety and a walk leader, with a particular fondness for Lindow Moss


Lindow Man

Leaving the hard flint-eyed road with its sureness of arrival
I took the soft, wandering way to Lindow Moss.

A grisly old thorn hedge, with gaps time-filled by gorse, blackberry, brambles;
Multi-vicious snags and tangles guarding a field of spindly tussock grass, sparsely-scattered beds of reeds…..
And a half dozen hummocks of contentment, thoughtfully chewing the cud in dumb doe-eyed bliss.

The sun bright and warm; hawthorn blossom hanging on the bough in huge white drifts,
its scent waxing and waning on the breeze,
mixing and blending with the sweet healthy earthy smells of mouldering leaves and bracken, bursting bulbous tubers, corms, and fibres.

And deep-rooted, ready to flower at any time, are memories of family Sunday visits to Granddad’s lamp lit cottage, with open hearth peat fire.
And hereabouts, long before fairy tales and misty legends of “once upon a time”
an ancient man was savagely culled
to lay embalmed in fibrous strands of a thousand long-lost misty seasons
to re-appear, a cameo of his time.

Jack Williamson






Cameos of Yesterday

I like to walk the soft peaty places
not the vast high Moorland trails of trembling heather,
feet encased in clomping leather and carrying bulging packs,
assurances against the vagaries of the weather.

Tussocky grass and clumps of reeds
and grisly old thorn hedges.

I like the small neglected spaces
of  land that will not come to heel.
Heather, bracken, reedy places.

Beneficial long neglect by man
has kept them pure
and free from change.

This is a special place,
a bit of the original land,
barely touched by man
except for the digging of the peat.

Jack Williamson




Mistaken Identity

Wealth and Happiness met on life’s road
and stopped for a little chat.
“You know”, said Wealth, “we look alike,
I could be your twin, old chap”.

Said Happiness, “there is no doubt
that what you say is true.
But you can never double for me, old lad
whereas I can double for you”.

Jack Williamson


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